ID Requirements

When opening an account with BetJACK Pty Limited, all clients consent to have their identification details used to verify their identity. All clients must provide accurate identification details that will be matched against Drivers License. To satisfty BetJack Pty Limited requirements you must verify your identity within 90 days from the date of opening your account and before your first withdrawal.

You have two options of verifying your identity

  1. By email Please scan and email copies to
  2. By Fax to 02 8244 1015

The full requirements are that customers supply 100 points of ID example categories are:

(a) a certified copy of a Primary Photographic Identification Document Current photographic drivers licence (including change of address details if applicable) Passport Current photographic ID card from a government agency including residential address or date of birth A national identity card containing a photo and signature, issued in English


(b) a certified copy of a Primary Non-Photographic Identification Document AND a certified copy of a Secondary Identification Document Birth certificate Australian citizenship certificate Citizen certificate issued by a foreign government, issued in english Notice issued within the last 12 months showing a financial relationship with a federal or state government (eg ATO, Medicare or Family Tax Benefit) Notice issued within the last three months showing the provision of services by a local government body or utility provider (eg rates, gas, water, electricity or mobile phone bill)