1. These internet credit facility terms and conditions (“Conditions”) are to be read in conjunction with the BetJACK’s Membership and Betting Rules (“Membership Conditions”).
  2. Compliance with the Membership and Betting Rules is an ongoing requirement in order to maintain a Member’s Betting Account.
  3. All correspondence between BetJACK and a Member will be made via electronic mail (“Email”) to a Member’s nominated address.
  4. Prior to making an internet credit facility application (“Application”) to BetJACK, a Member must have complied with the Membership Conditions. BetJACK may suspend betting on, require the immediate repayment of, or terminate a Member’s Betting Account if a Member ceases to comply with the Membership Conditions.
  5. A Member may make an Application for the maximum internet credit limit of up to $5,000 which BetJACK in its sole discretion may permit a Member to incur to place wagers (“Credit Facility”).
  6. The Credit Facility will be reviewed, approved or not approved by a third party credit reporting agency. Members will be contacted by BetJACK via email or mail on the Credit Facility being approved or not approved.
  7. Where a Member makes an Application the Member must supply a 100 point identification check which forms part of these Conditions which includes:
    1. 70 Points - Valid Passport, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate. Only one form of identification from this category can be used.
    2. 40 Points – Valid Driver’s Licence, Government issued Proof of Age card, Social Security Identification card, or Tertiary Student Identification card. Photograph and signature must be on these forms of identification.
    3. 35 Points – Letter from current or recent Employer, Security document, Mortgage, Land or Council rates, Land Titles Office. Name and address must match that of the Members Betting Account and must be on these forms of identification.
    4. 25 Points – MasterCard, VISA card, Medicare Card. Name must match that of the Members Betting Account.
    5. 25 Points – Electoral role, Landlord, Public utility records, valid Drivers Licence (without photo). Name and address must match that of the Members Betting Account and must be on these forms of identification.
    6. 25 Points – Name, address and telephone number verified from the latest telephone directory plus phone contact on that number. Name, address and telephone number must match that of the Members Betting Account.
  8. For example, 100 points of identification could be made up as follows:
    1. a. Valid Passport with name matching that of the Members Betting Account and Application = 70 points
    2. b. Valid Drivers Licence with name and address matching that of the Members Betting Account and Application = 40 points
    3. c. Total 110 Points
  9. The Member acknowledges and agrees that all personal information held by BetJACK may be used or disclosed by BetJACK as set out below and as permitted by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The information may be used or disclosed:
    1. a. to enable us to perform its obligations to you under the Agreement;
    2. b. to enable us to ensure that you perform your obligations under the Agreement;
    3. c. to a credit reporting agency;
    4. d. to maintain a credit information file about you;
    5. e. to carry out our own credit assessment on you;
    6. f. for planning, research, promotion and marketing of our products and services;
    7. g. to organisations associated with the provision of our services, such as associated data centres, for marketing and analysis purposes;
    8. h. to a potential purchaser of, or investor or in, any business conducted by us;
    9. i. to law enforcement agencies to assist in the prevention of criminal activities.”
  10. A Member warrants and represents that any information supplied by the Member in its Application is true, correct and complete and will remain so. A Member will, upon request by BetJACK establish the truth, correctness and completeness of any information supplied by the Member in the Application. If the information contained in the Application changes at any time after the Application is sent to BetJACK, the Member will promptly notify BetJACK of such change.
  11. Omission of any information required in the Application and/or failure to provide the identification specified in clause 8 of these Conditions may result in BetJACK refusing the Application.
  12. BetJACK may choose to approve or decline an Application at its sole discretion and if the Application is approved, the Member will be granted the Credit Facility. The Credit Limit approved may be less than initially applied for by the Member. BetJACK will be under no obligation to disclose its reasons for declining or reducing an Application.
  13. BetJACK and the Member will be required to settle the difference between any unsettled wagers made by a Member and the sum of any deposits made by the Member and unsettled winnings payable by BetJACK (“Member Account Balance”).
  14. The statement period (“Statement Period”) for a Member Account Balance will be a period of seven (7) days ending at 11.59pm to the first Sunday from the approval of a Member’s Application (“Statement Date”), and every seven (7) days thereafter.
  15. The settlement period (“Settlement Period) for settling a Member Account Balance will be a period of seven (7) days ending at Sunday at 11:59pm immediately following the Statement Date with respect to wagers made by the Member and accepted by BetJACK during the preceding seven (7) days during the Statement Period.
  16. BetJACK and the Member will be required to settle the difference between any unsettled wagers made by a Member and the sum of any deposits made by the Member and unsettled winnings payable by BetJACK (“Member Account Balance”) during the Settlement Period.
  17. Following the Settlement Period, the Member accepts that BetJACK will pay the member an amount equal to the positive account balance in their BetJACK account as of 11:59pm on a Sunday and that the member can withdraw these funds and have payment made to their nominated bank account on a Monday or Tuesday only. The positive balance in your account will be automatically debited and transferred to your nominated bank account. Alternatively, you can request your positive account balance funds to be "held" (in your BetJACK account) by notifying customer service via email admin@BetJACK.com.au or phoning (1800 212 450) - this means your automated transfer of funds from your BetJACK account to your nominated bank account will be suspended until you notify BetJACK of a withdrawal request. Please Note: Should you request funds be held in your BetJACK account, and then you choose to make a withdrawal at a later date, the request for withdrawal will be processed by BetJACK on a Monday or Tuesday only (after the Settlement period, for an amount equal to the positive balance in your BetJACK account as at Sunday 11:59pm).
  18. BetJACK will pay Members via cheque, BPAY or electronic funds transfer (“EFT”).
  19. Members can settle their Member Account Balance by credit card, cheque or EFT. Banking details have been provided on the Banking section of BetJACK’s website at the following URL www.BetJACK.com.au
  20. The Member is required to pay in full their Member Account Balance within 7 days of the Statement Date.
  21. If the Member has not settled their account within a fourteen (14) day period from their oldest Statement Date with an outstanding debt, BetJACK will automatically suspend the Member’s account from further betting activity until the Account Balance is paid in full.
  22. If the Member has not settled their account within a twenty one (21) day period from their oldest Statement Date with an outstanding debt, BetJACK may automatically institute formal debt recovery proceedings against the Member to recover the Account Balance.
  23. The Member agrees that BetJACK may recover any costs which BetJACK incurs in collecting the amount of an outstanding member Account Balance which the Member has failed to pay within the Settlement Period.
  24. Where a Member has not settled his/her Member Account Balance for prior Settlement Periods then those prior Settlement Periods must be settled as well.
  25. A Member may be unable to place wagers if his/her Member Account Balance at any time exceeds the Credit Facility. If BetJACK in its discretion, allows a Member to place a wager even though the placement of such a wager may result in the Credit Facility being exceeded, the Member will settle his/her Member Account Balance immediately upon written notification by BetJACK to do so.
  26. BetJACK may terminate the Credit Facility at any time on notice to the Member and require payment of any Member Account Balance immediately thereafter.
  27. For the avoidance of doubt, it is a Members responsibility to monitor the balance of his/her Member Betting Account, and to ensure that he/she complies at all times with these Conditions.
  28. BetJACK may vary these Conditions at any time by notifying the Member of any changes to these Conditions. Any bet placed by a Member after he or she has been notified of the changes will be considered as an acceptance by the Member of the changed Conditions.
  29. BetJACK may, in its discretion, give conditionally or withhold any approval or consent under these Conditions.
  30. A Member may only assign its rights under these Conditions with the prior written consent of BetJACK.
  31. Any term by its nature intended to survive termination of these Conditions survives termination of these Conditions.
  32. A term or part of a term of these Conditions that is illegal or unenforceable may be severed from these Conditions and the remaining terms or parts of the terms of these Conditions continue in force.
  33. BetJACK does not waive a right, power or remedy if it fails to exercise or delays in exercising the right, power or remedy. A single or partial exercise of a right, power or remedy does not prevent another or further exercise of that or another right, power or remedy.
  34. These Conditions are governed by the laws of the Northern Territory and each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Northern Territory.
  35. Members who join BetJACK and do not make a deposit before applying for an Internet Credit Account will waive their right to receive BetJACK’s initial deposit 20% free bet bonus offer. Other free bet bonus offers will be available to members with an Internet Credit Account.
  36. A Member undertakes to BetJACK to keep BetJACK informed at all times of any matter which comes to the Member's attention from which it might reasonably be concluded that Member is or might be suffering from any issues including but not restricted to mental impairment which might affect the ability to make sound judgments about betting or the utilization of credit (if credit has been provided by BetJACK).
  37. Internet Credit Account holders wishing to participate in BetJACK special promotions related to depositing funds such as BetJACK’s Double Deposit Day promotion or other similar promotions requiring a deposit to earn a Free Bet reward accept that their Internet Credit Account must have a positive balance prior to the date of the promotion, otherwise the member accepts they will not receive the Free Bet bonus should they deposit on the date of the promotion.